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A summary of how I'm helping make video creation accessible to all...

My Roles:

UX/UI Design


Usability Testing

User Research

Data and Insights

XFN Teams:







UX Research

Signup at First Export

Feb 2023 - Mar 2023 started off allowing all users to use the product anonymously and it was great until we realised... we didn't know much about our users. That means (potentially) many one-off visits, frustrating experiences that we couldn't improve on and slow growth.

To start profiling our users and learning more about them, to then iterate on improvements proactively, we decided: let's make all users sign up. BUT not before they get a chance to try our product first.

This initiative went through 3 iterations so far, mainly to optimise UI, interaction and copy based on weekly learnings.

New User Walkthrough

Mar 2023 - Present

According to 10+ user interviews and a visible drop-off rate early in the funnel (from SEO landing pages), we discovered a common problem: users, especially those classed as 'low-knowledge', had trouble knowing how to start their first edit.

Our hypothesis: if we offer more guidance to all users on the basics of video editing, they will be more likely to have a positive first experience.

This project has had 2 iterations so far: the first was an A/B test, where version A is when a user's skill level determines if they will get a walkthrough, and version B offers walkthrough for all; the second iteration is a global release, with the tooltips content being shortened and revised.

From Landing to Subtitle

Apr 2023 - Present

Hundreds of thousands of users are acquired every week via's huge collection of SEO landing pages. This does not mean the same amount would make it to export and signup.


As part of Q2 2023, we set out to start re-building each of these landing page journeys, for the best possible user experience. Subtitle journeys were the first, as this has always been VEED's money-maker tool.

There were 2 high-impact problem areas to tackle: helping users upload their first video successfully, and then giving them something fun to do while our AI automatically generate a subtitle.

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