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Mar 2021 - Aug 2021

In 2021, TikTok was a sponsor of UEFA EURO 2020. To prepare for in-app activations, I tested a series of Content Discovery Hubs in late 2020, 2 of which targeted football and music fans.

The Football Discovery Hub informed the development of a Search feature for all things EURO 2020, and a 'EURO Best Moments' Hub, which I built in collaboration with the BBC.

I also designed, built and led the localisation of a global microsite, promoting TikTok-first Ed Sheeran's EURO halftime concert, LIVE from Portman Road, Ipswich.

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My Roles:

UI/UX Design

Product Building

Editorial Strategy

Global Coordination

Data and Insights



Creator Partnership



LIVE Operations



Social and PR



Mar 2021 - Jul 2021

The Football Discovery Hub was an experimental TikTok H5 microsite, built and updated weekly with trending football content by my team. Key learnings on user behaviour, content growth and experience design, were then used to shape the design of a Search Hub. This was a place for users to find EURO news and content; developed by the central UX and R&D teams.

Within the Search Hub, content cards in each market were curated by local teams. In the UK, besides default content cards, we also linked to a H5 highlighting EURO's best moments, with content produced exclusively by BBC Sport. This site contained over 120 videos, geo-fenced to abide by broadcasting rights.

The challenge was to use these 2 products to grow football content, build brand value during the sponsorship and encourage users activity on the app's Discover tab.


From the initial Football Discovery Hub, the same user flow and editorial strategy were applied to build EURO Search Hub. There were real-time match schedules and results - information football fans were most interested in; followed by videos, trending hashtags, player/team profiles and relevant music or sounds. There were also news and suggested search terms.

The BBC Sport 'EURO Best Moments' H5 microsite, on the other hand, was video-focused. With 120+ pieces of exclusively produced content, the main goals was video play rate and partner account growth. From in-app data, I discovered that football fans most likely sought out news and match highlights based on groups and teams. Therefore, the H5 was designed with tabs splitting into groups at group stage, and later on were update to put the spotlight on quarter/semi-finals, and the final.

Search activity exceeded 100M during the EURO, post-match football-related searches increased by 50%. EURO Search Hub successfully drove users to Discover tab; however, further investigation is needed to see if this impact is long-term.

Football content consumption grew by over 110% after the campaign; at the same time, non-user brand likeability improved by 5%.

The BBC 'EURO Best Moments' microsite achieved its content growth goals, with the highest video play rate at the time, of 28%. Surprisingly, it also attracted users above 25 years of age, which is a long-term strategy of TikTok, being a 'Gen Z dominated' platform.


May 2021 - Jul 2021

In late June 2021, TikTok teamed up with Ed Sheeran for a TikTok LIVE concert, a celebratory moment in the middle of EURO 2020 that brought the continent together through music. The show was a premiere of Ed's new track and was watched in 120+ global markets.


The main measurements of success across the business were traffic to the livestream, artist account growth, in-app music and content growth, and global brand awareness. To bring together the whole campaign, I designed, built and led the localisation of a H5 microsite to be used both in and out-of-app in 120+ countries, working alongside content teams globally.

The challenges were to automate the process to make localisation efficient and easy, while ensuring the H5 reached and retained the widest audience possible in the lead up to the LIVE concert.


The H5 microsite design included a call-to-action to promote the LIVE concert and Ed's account - users would follow to be notified of the livestream, an interactive vote, a user-generated content slider, a music section and an artist content section.


To host a large quantity of videos, I built a deeplink component to play these videos in-app mirroring the vertical scroll 'For You' feed experience. To ease localisation, I also limited the page's wordcount to adapt to multiple languages, and kept visual design simple to ensure consistency. Finally, a plug-in was used to automatically jump users from the H5 to the livestream once it started.

I also hosted a number of training and testing sessions with global teams to help them programme and launch the H5 smoothly.

The project was a record-breaker with 6.17M unique views to the LIVE concert, among these 1.9M came from H5 microsite. LIVE penetration rate in the UK increased by 9% that week.


The largest audience from H5 were in the US and Canada, South America, the UAE and surrounding regions, followed by the UK/Ireland.

The H5 microsite was also the top performing of that bi-month, with 2.9M total visits in the UK and 48.4M worldwide. UK content click rate was 12%.

The preview of Ed's song 'Bad Habits' had over 300K creations in the first week, and has now reached 1.2M, making it one of the best performing song previews.


This was the first (and perhaps, largest) global microsite project coordinated by the UK team; and the main learning was to do with planning and process. There were challenges in localisations as many markets lacked resources; therefore, more complex components built on the site became too 'demanding'. This led to me creating a simplified template at short notice to adapt to global teams, and further sign-off was required from artist/label.

There were also gaps in communication during the campaign. Information on various crucial entry points was not shared consistently and widely. The result was multiple design revisions and tests before achieving a smooth and efficient user journey.

Despite the project's success, its challenges gave me the foundation to establish better processes when building future products; especially for international campaigns that cater to not only a global audience, but also the needs of internal teams across the globe.

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